I met Louise (not her real name) through one of the UK’s larger escort agencies. She had nicely proportioned breasts (not to big and not to small, just how I like them), with blue eyes and blonde hair. She had a strong Brazilian accent but her English was good.
I liked Louise because of her sweet personality. One time I haden’t managed to climax. I didn’t tell Louise this until she asked me directly. Having become aware that I haden’t come she began to kiss my neck very softly and gently which soon made me achieve my goal. The cynic or realist depending on one’s point of view might well conclude that Louise wished to make me orgasm so that I’d aske to see her again which would mean more money. I guess that this was part of the reason for Louise kissing me so erotically, however this is not, I think the whole truth. Louise could with her looks have (and did) attract many clients so me not asking for her again would have been neither here nor there. She acted as she did because she wanted to make me happy, she derived a genuine pleasure from having done so.
I liked Louise and I believe that she also liked me. I don’t flatter myself that we were friends (such a relationship rarely develops between client and escort). We did though develop a feeling of mutual respect and I recall Louise once starting to cry after I’d expressed my gratitude for her help in resolving a problem with my computer (not within the job description of your average escort I think)! Louise was I suspect moved by my gratitude which somehow made her become emotional.
Louise as with so many sex workers (perhaps the majority) had an inner sadness which she kept hidden behind her bright exterior. Perhaps the incident with the computer moved her so profoundly as someone was treating her as more than a mere vehicle for their pleasure.
I don’t know what happend to Louise but wherever she is I wish her the very best of luck. I hope you are happy in your life my former intimate companion.