I clearly recall the first time that I used an escort. I was living in a bedsit (a single area with bed, cooking facilities and a desk) with a separate bathroom. The place was in a rough area and could only be entered by means of a key, buzzing one of the residents or by pressing the bell of the manager of the facility.
I’d recently broken up with my first long-term girlfriend and was feeling horney and lonely. I had heard of escorts (who hasn’t)? and hoped by using one I could kill the lonleness and obtain a sexual release. AS a naive young man I also had vague visions of an encounter with an escort leading to a long-term relationship (I now realise that liaisons with working girls do lead to a relationship – with an ATM machine)!
At that time I had no access to the internet. I did, however have my own landline so was able to contact Directory Enquiries to obtain the number of an Escort Agency. I didn’t have the name of a specific company, however, amazingly when I asked the operator for the contact details of escort agencies they where able to provide me with a number which I duly called and ordered an escort.
As I waited for the lady to arrive excitement mingled with a myriad thoughts filled my being. What if my fellow residents and, in particular the manager discovered that my visitor was an escort? I felt that I’d die of shame and embarrassment. Eventually my entry phone rang. I picked up and a voice said “its Malicia”. I went downstairs to greet my “friend”.
At that time I was in my mid twenties while my companion claimed to be in her mid thirties. I suspect however that Malicia  was being a little economical with the truth and that she was nearer to fourty.
In my room we both undressed and Malicia started to massage me. The sex, when it happened was fast and furious. Malicia felt dry inside and perhaps it was this which made me climax so quickly. I don’t remember whether a condom was used (being young and naive I didn’t think about such matters) but I think, on balance that no protection was employed.
The whole encounter can not have taken more than about twenty minutes and having satisfied me Malicia left. After that first encounter I didn’t use the services of an escort for some time afterwards. My main concern was that of privacy (what would happen if my fellow residents or the manager found out) but not wishing to part with a further £180 was also a factor.