I have often heard it said that “prostitutes don’t kiss”. This is a myth. While many working girls will not allow French Kissing (kissing with tongues) other sex workers specifically state on their profiles that French Kissing is availible albeit at the discretion of the escort.
I’ve heard it said that the reason why many ladies of the night will not kiss is due to kissing being a very intimate act which they reserve for their boyfriends/husbands. I must confess that I’ve never quite understood this point of view. To my mind to allow a stranger to penetrate you implies great intimacy perhaps greater than allowing a client to put his tongue into your mouth. Another reason that is sometimes advanced for escorts not kissing their clients is down to concern regarding the contracting of a sexually transmitted disease. However unless one of the parties involved in this intimate act have an ulcer or other sore in their mouth the risk of being infected is extremely low.
I enjoy kissing as it makes the encounter with an escort feel less cold and clinical. It also enhances my sexual excitement and (I’m sure) that of other users of sex workers. I always respect the wish of an escort not to kiss but I have always attempted to seek out girls who are prepared (I don’t think that “happy” is the right word) to kiss.