During my time using escorts I have rarely felt threatened. I’ve felt empty after having endured engaging in mediocre sex and exchanging polite meaningless words with ladies with whom I have little, if anything in common, but rarely frightened. The only occasion when I felt really scared occured some 8-9 years ago. I had booked an escort through an Agency featured in Yellow Pages (a directory of businesses and services). The lady duly arrived and we began to become intimate. Suddenly out of nowhere there came a banging. “What the hell is that”! I thought. A fraction of a second later I realised that my door was being pummelled by heavy fists. I can not at this stage remember what my companion said but she certainly dressed PDQ and shot out of my home like a bat out of hell.
During the incident which can only have taken 2 minutes at most, I was more surprised than frightened. However following the departure of my guest the implications of what had just happened began to sink in. Who was this person (almost certainly a man) who seemed to want to batter my door down? Was it an elaborate trick cooked up between my companion and her conspirator that he would knock, she would pretend to be frightened and leave? or was it something more sinister? I’ve never been able to answer these questions but I still at some distance from this event feel deeply uncomfortable about the happeningsĀ  of that day.
Thankfuly I’ve never had anything remotely similar occur since!