Using escort services can be an expensive business and I do so sparingly. The average starting price, in the UK for a one hour outcall (where the escort visits the client at home or in a hotel) is £120-150 with overnight bookings (lasting around eight hours) starting at approximately £600 and rising to £1000. In the case of escorts who work through an escort agency the sex workers will, of course not get the whole fee which will be split between the agency and the escort’s driver (if she has one), however for the client such sums are serious money irrespective of how the fee is divided between the various parties.
I almost always see a lady for a maximum of one hour which is, on my salary easily afordable. I’ve gained the trust of a number of ladies over the years and have reached informal arrangements with them cutting out the agency so, for example I’ve agreed to pay a lady £150 for two hours which she has been happy to accept as the entire fee is hers  (she need not share it with the agency). Such arrangements benefit both escort and client and are common (not surprisingly given the fees levied by most agencies)!
There are good arguments in favour of the proposition that long-term participation in the sex industry takes a heavy emotional toll on those who work in it. Sleeping with enumerable clients can take a heavy toll on the mental and physical welbeing of prostitutes. However from the purely financial angle those who work as independent escorts can (and frequently are) relatively cash rich although, in practice many ladies choose to spend their cash rather than saving for a rainy day.
I’m sure that anyone who runs an escort agency and happens to come across this post will be read in the face by now at the thought of clients and girls “ripping the agency off”. My heart bleeds for you, not!