I often wonder what causes women to enter the world of sex work. I’d read that many individuals engaged in prostitution had been abused as children but had not come face-to-face with a lady who admitted to having been abused, that is until I met Anna.
Anna was (and is) a slim 32-year-old lady who advertises her services, as an independent escort on the internet. I had seen Anna more times than I can remember but had never engaged in in depth conversation with her until one sultry and rainy summer’s evening. I’d texted her to ask whether she could see me for two hours and received a prompt response informing me that she would cancel another client and see me instead. At the time I thought “his loss is my gain” and thought no more about the matter until Anna arrived. Perhaps I should have remembered the old saying “curiosity killed the cat” and minded my own business, however being in an enquiring frame of mind I asked Anna why she had cancelled a booking in order to see me. She replied that the guy who would not be having the pleasure of her company had wanted her to pretend to be his daughter and on being informed that Anna had, in fact been abused by her uncle became even keener to  meet with her. Not surprisingly Anna didn’t feel comfortable and declined the booking.
Anna said that the abuse haden’t entailed full sex, however I got the strong impression that something very unpleasant had occured which had scarred this young lady’s life. What can one say in such a situation? Words are wholly inadequate and all I could do was to tell Anna how sorry I was for what had happened to her as a young child. Sadly there continue to be children throughout the world who are physically and mentally abused every second of every day. New Annas are in the making as I write this.