“We all pay for sex” is a statement one frequently hears although it’s precise formulation varies depending on the speaker. The argument goes as follows. Wealthy elderly gentlemen can frequently be seen with ladies several decades their junior. Such women are, for the most part “good time girls” who have no love for their partner but stay with him due to his money and the expensive lifestyle which it enables them to enjoy. At a less exalted level the man of more limited means also pays for sex, “Darling I love that dres” she says smiling in a manner which promises a night of passion should he choose to dig into his wallett and purchase it.
In the above examples the men have paid for sex just as surely as the client who hands over cash to a sex worker for “personal services”. The exchange is more subtle however it does, according to this perspective amount to the same thing, namely that the men in question have bought sex.
Where I to win the National Lottery and become a millionaire (an amazing feat given that I don’t play it but let us suppose for the sake of argument that I do), then I’m certain that I’d find myself fighting off the attentions of ladies who would previously not have given me the time of day. My new found “friends” would, given half a chance prove themselves to be very obliging in helping me to spend my new found wealth!
All of the above is true in that there are ladies (and men) who are motivated by greed rather than love. The beautiful young lady on the arm of her rich elderly companion may well not be an escort, however if her reason for being with him stems from a love of his money (rather than him as an individual) then she is engaging in prostitution albeit indirectly.
However the fact that some people are motivated by money rather than love should not be taken as proof of the contention that “we all pay for sex”. I know through my own experience and that of my friends that love does exist. True love is not dependent on the financial assets of one’s partner, it stems from feelings residing deep within the heart.