Yesterday evening (19 July)I was robbed by a working girl who advertises her services on using the name mercbaby or mercedes. I had booked mercbaby for one hour at a cost of £120. At just gone 9 pm mercbaby arrived and I handed her the money in cash. Mercedes told me that in line with her usual practice she would hand the money to her driver and return to keep me company for an hour. Mercbaby left to hand the money to the driver and I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of her since! Of course I’ve tried contacting Mercbaby but both my telephone calls and texts have gone unanswered. I’ve also contacted adultwork (the site on which mercbaby/mercedes advertises), however they just arn’t interested in the fact that a criminal offence has been committed. It is, according to adultwork a case of “buyer beware”!
To anyone tempted to book mercbaby I’d say think again! If you want a quality personal service there are many honest working girls out there willing to bring a smile to your face but there are also ladies such as mercbaby who are only interested in stealing from you. Don’t touch mercbaby with a bargepole, in fact don’t touch her with anything, steer well clear if you value your money and personal possessions.
I would link to mercbaby’s profile page on so that potential clients know who to avoid, however I understand that this violates WordPress’s terms and conditions, however anyone who Googles “mercbaby” will find her profile. Be warned, steer well clear!