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In “Mirror” the Beautiful South sing about the experience of a prostitute selling sex in a brothel. The prostitute acknowledges that the customers have feelings “… They do have feelings but just right now I feel, a feminine recepticle, that’s just what I am, these things are above us whores. Just a best target practice for a misguided man, these things are above us whores …”. I won’t waffle on any more, here is the song


In an article in the Guardian on 6 July Roy Greenslade argues that no link has been shown to exist between the advertising, by newspapers of personal services and human trafficking. He questions the statistics of both the opponents of prostitution and those who believe that it can, under certain circumstances constitute a free choice by individuals. For the article see

Brooke was five feet in height with short brown hair and a lovely firm pair of tits. She had wonderful soft skin and spoke with a soft Cornish accent. I found it rather touching and perhaps a little sad that this girl who was more at home in a country village should find herself working as an escort in London.
Brooke had recently returned from travelling. During her time in Australia she had worked in a brothel (brothels are legal there). Her work in a massage parlour had paid dividends as Brooke gave me one of the best massages I’d experienced for a long time. Her hands moved expertly over my body and I could feel the tension of the day slipping away. Brooke had the ability to make me feel horney without touching anywhere intimate so after 10 minutes or so I was ready for sex. The intercourse was pleasurable and unlike some working girls Brooke didn’t try to rush me. The whole experience (the massage and the sex) left me feeling relaxed and happy.
Afterwards we listened to Ed Sheeran. “Do you like Ed Sheeran” I remember asking. Brooke replied that she did and mentioned “Small Bump” and the “A Team” as being among her favourites both of which I like. I felt a pang when Brooke mentioned the “A Team” as the song deals with a prostitute who is addicted to class a drugs (Crack). Brooke was no street prostitute or drug addict but her role as a sex worker did, I believe draw her to Sheeran’s upbeat but, at a fundamental level deeply sad song.
Brooke told me that she was hoping to get work as a carer and that she had a forthcoming interview for a role working with elderly people. I wished her well (and meant it). Long term exposure to sex work is, I believe no life for anyone.

The below article predicts that by the year 2050 sexbots will have replaced human prostitutes. New zealand researches predict that concerns over human trafficking and the growth in incurable sexually transmitted diseases will combine to bring about a decline in human prostitution and a growth in realistic robot prostitutes. The authors of the study imagine a club in Amsterdam in which robot prostitutes of both genders and all ethnicities provide massage and sexual services. The bots would be made of material which would prevent the spread of STDs and would be cleaned on a regular basis.
If the above predictions come to pass then the concerns of those who argue that prostitution always equals exploitation would, presumably be addressed as the robots would replace flesh and blood sex workers thereby rendering the oldest profession redundant. In addition the robots would, by their very nature be incapable of being exploited as they’d would lack emotions and be incapable of feeling pain.
I see a number of problems with this scenario. Firstly it presupposes that users of prostitutes are merely seeking a sexual release. For those who merely want to release sexual tention highly realistic sexbots might, just possibly appeal and I can see a market for such creations. However many clients (in particular those who use the services of escorts) want more than a “quickie”. Such clients want good conversation, to enjoy a bottle of wine and yes as part of the overall package to have sexual intercourse. Unless artificial intelligence suddenly leap frogs to a world in which a sexbot can hold a meaningful conversation with a client I can’t see flesh and blood prostitutes being threatened by robots. Anyone who reads science fiction will recall that robot servants should have been in every home by the 1980’s, however what do we have? robots which can vacuum your floor but, on the whole rather less efficiently than a human being. The days of the robot servant are (if they ever come to fruition and they may at some distant point come into being) a long way off. I suspect that the same holds true for sexbots which are able to act in the same manner as the best escorts.
Secondly the growth of sexbots could add status to some sex workers. It may become a badge of distinction to say that one slept with a flesh and blood prostitute rather than a sexbot. Such a development could lead to the best working girls being able to command higher fees.
In conclusion I believe that sex workers won’t be consigning their short skirts, stockings and high heels to the back of the cupboard anytime soon.
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