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In the United Kigdom it is legal for adults (those aged 18 years and older) to engage in prostitution. Many of the activities associated with prostitution are, however illegal. For example one man or woman may work as a prostitute from premises, however where two or more individuals operate together (even if one of those persons is only taking bookings, answering the door etc rather than working as a sex worker) then the premises is classified as a brothel and those working there are breaking the law. In 2008 Sweden took the radical step of criminalising the purchasers of sexual services while leaving sex workers free to ply their profession without fear of arrest. In contrast to sex workers, their clients are (if convicted of paying for sex) subject to a fine and/or six months in prison. In 2009 Norway introduced similar legislation to that in Sweden.
The philosophy underpinning the legislation is that women are the weaker party and, as such they should be protected from men. According to this perspective men have no right to “buy women”. Women do not voluntarily choose to sell their bodies, consequently those who avail themselves of the services provided by sex workers are guilty of “exploiting” prostituted women. The Swedish law has been held up by British politicians such as the Labour MP Hariet Harman as a model which should be followed in the United Kingdom (it is not currently illegal to purchase sex in the UK provided that the person offering sexual services is 18 or older and he/she has not been forced into prostitution). Let us leave aside for a moment the issue of whether men (and women) should be criminalised for purchasing sexual services. Instead let us turn first to whether the law has the effect claimed for it by it’s proponents, namely making the lives of prostitutes safer by detering men from purchasing sex. According to a recent article in “The Local” the legislation enacted in norway has made the lives of sex workers more dangerous than was the case prior to the legislation coming into force
“The 2009 prostitution law prohibits the purchase but not the sale of sexual services, with legislators seeking to stymie the trade by targeting demand.

But the Pro Sentret report indicates that the law has in fact made prostitutes much more susceptible to violence at the hands of their clients as the sex
trade moves further underground.

What’s more, prostitutes have become less inclined to seek help since the law came into force, with many now perceiving that they too are viewed as criminals,
the report says.

Many of the women also said the new law had scared off many of their more reliable customers, while troublesome and violent clients were relatively undeterred.

According to the study, titled Farlige Forbindelser (Dangerous Liaisons), 59 percent of prostitutes in Oslo have fallen victim to some form of violence
in the last three years.

”Violence against women in prostitution is brutal and frequent,” said Ulla Bjørndahl at Pro Sentret.

”Often the violence is extreme. Eleven people have faced death threats, many have been threatened with weapons, or have been exposed to robbery, rape, or
were threatened into participating in non-consensual sex,” Bjørndahl told newspaper Dagbladet.” (see
The research for the report was carried out between January-March of 2012 and entailed interviews with 123 women engaged in prostitution. Those interviewed included street prostitutes, ladies working in flats and women selling sex in massage parlours. Consequently the researchers interviewed a representative sample of those engaged in prostitution and their findings should be treated seriously.
Turning to the issue of whether prostitution necessarily entails exploitation, the reaction of French intellectuals to the French government’s proposal to prohibit the purchasing of sexual services is instructive
“Responding, the intellectuals said any move to liberate women from sexual slavery or the clutches of organised crime would be welcome.

But they argued that talk of “abolishing” prostitution was based on “two debatable assumptions: that charging for sex is an affront to women’s dignity
and that all prostitutes are all victims of their bastard clients.”

They added: “A women who prostitutes herself, whether she does so occasionally or full-time, is not necessarily a victim of male oppression.

“And the clients are not all horrible predators or sexual obsessives who treat the woman as disposable objects.” (see
Precisely so, I couldn’t have put it better myself. The idea that all prostitutes are victims and all clients are “bastards” is rissible. Having used the services of escorts over a number of years I know that the ladies do in the overwhelming majority of cases freely choos to enter the world of escorting. No big bad pimp is threatening them with violence, they see easy money and they take it.
None of the above is intended to deny that prostitution can (and often does) have harmful effects on those who engage in it. Dig behind the smile and one often finds deeply damaged individuals. However there exist other equally damaged persons who choose not to engage in sex work. Again by no means all who engage in prostitution suffered abuse as children. Despite what some would have us believe prostitution is (in most cases) a freely entered into choice. It may not be (and in most instances it certainly isn’t) the first choice of the majority of those who engage in it. It is, however still a choice.

On 20 July I wrote about how Mercbaby, a working girl who advertises her services on had stolen the sum of £120 from me (see This post is by way of an update on the situation. Unlike in fairy tales the story has not had a happy ending!
I did report the theft to the police, however there advice was not to press charges as it would not be in the public interest to do so. The argument of the police is that they have limited resources and it is more productive to use them in solving crimes of violence. As a secondary issue the policeman with whom I spoke advised me that the media might well take an interest in the case (if it came to court) with the obvious potential for embarrassment to yours truly in terms of having my face splashed across the media. Being a retiring kind of soul I acted on the premise that discretion is the better part of valour and opted not to press charges.
I am still angry over what happened (who wouldn’t be)! however I am a believer in the old saying that “what goes around comes around”. Sooner or later Mercbaby will be faced with a client who steals from her or refuses to pay for a service which she has provided. When this happens Mercedes will have no right to complain (although, doubtless she will do so loudly) as the customer will only be doing to her what she has done to me and, for all I know to others also). Life has a way of repaying both the good and the bad turns we do and Mercbaby will, I’m sure find that out sooner or later.
One of the points which the police made concerns the fact that the world of escorting/sex work operates in a legal grey area (I.E. it’s not illegal but it is on the margins of legality). This is a big problem the answer to which is, surely to decriminalise prostitution thereby protecting both sex workers and clients. Sooner or later this will, I think come to pass but the moral police who wish to control what consenting adults do in private will fight it tooth and nail.
With decriminalisation must come properly funded help for those who wish to exit prostitution. This should include training in a variety of occupations together with counselling for those men and women engaged in sex work who feel that they would benefit from it.

Yesterday evening (19 July)I was robbed by a working girl who advertises her services on using the name mercbaby or mercedes. I had booked mercbaby for one hour at a cost of £120. At just gone 9 pm mercbaby arrived and I handed her the money in cash. Mercedes told me that in line with her usual practice she would hand the money to her driver and return to keep me company for an hour. Mercbaby left to hand the money to the driver and I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of her since! Of course I’ve tried contacting Mercbaby but both my telephone calls and texts have gone unanswered. I’ve also contacted adultwork (the site on which mercbaby/mercedes advertises), however they just arn’t interested in the fact that a criminal offence has been committed. It is, according to adultwork a case of “buyer beware”!
To anyone tempted to book mercbaby I’d say think again! If you want a quality personal service there are many honest working girls out there willing to bring a smile to your face but there are also ladies such as mercbaby who are only interested in stealing from you. Don’t touch mercbaby with a bargepole, in fact don’t touch her with anything, steer well clear if you value your money and personal possessions.
I would link to mercbaby’s profile page on so that potential clients know who to avoid, however I understand that this violates WordPress’s terms and conditions, however anyone who Googles “mercbaby” will find her profile. Be warned, steer well clear!

The world of escorting is filled with dishonesty. That is not to say that most escorts are dishonest, rather the very nature of the industry tends to foster dishonesty.
Let us start with the milder forms of being economical with the truth. As anyone who has visited the website of an Escort Agency will know the company lists the age of the escorts on offer thereby allowing a gentleman in search of a slim 19-year-old blonde to quickly select his companion. However that 19-year-old blonde will, very likely turn out to be a 23-24 year-old who happens to look as though she is 19-years-old. I remember choosing a young lady who’s profile described her as being 22 years of age. Following her arrival at my home we began chatting about the world of escorting. I asked her how old she was and was informed that she was 24 (not 22) years of age. It is a common practice for agencies to reduce the age of their escorts due to the belief (almost certainly correct) that clients prefer younger women. I don’t blame the escorts for this lack of honesty (most of them will freely admit their true age) but I do question the ethics of those agencies who lie about the age of the escorts on offer.
A trick employed by some escorts is to leave early. On numerous occasions I have agreed to pay an escort for one hour’s companionship/rendering of personal services, only for her to leave after 20-30 minutes. On challenging one working girl who began dressing after some 20 minutes      as to why she was leaving early she responded “You know the score”. I thought “indeed I do, I pay you for one hour and you f off after 20 minutes. You are a rip-off merchant. In such a situation there is nothing a client can do other than to leave a negative review on a website which carries punter reviews, report the matter to the agency and tick the lady in question off his list of escorts to see again.
Whenever an escort visits I ensure that only the money with which I’ll be paying her is visible. My wallett, credit cards etc are hidden away. In my experience most girls won’t steal due to it being against their moral code and due to the knowledge that the client will report the theft to the police, however I prefer to take no chances and my valuables will continue to remain hidden.
During my years of seeing working girls I’ve only ever come across one case of financial dishonesty. One agency which I used to use on a regular basis (they went out of business) accepted cheques with a cheque guarantee card. The cheque had been written for £100 but, on checking my account balance using telephone banking I discovered that the amount had been altered to read £180. Fortunately I was in time to cancel the transaction and the bank waived their usual cancelation fee. I have ever since been wary of paying by any means other than cold hard cash.
In fairness I must point out that escort girls are themselves vunnerable to theft. I know of ladies who have had money removed from bags while visiting the bathroom and of others, who have accepted a cheque only for the cheque to bounce.
At a fundamental level clients can lie to themselves regarding the relationships they have with working girls. It is easy for a customer to mistake (or fool himself) that the kindness and open personality of an escort implies that she is (or could in time) fall in love with him). I’ve no doubt that a client-escort relationship can turn into love, however this is very much the exception rather than the rule and those who deceive themselves into believing that the friendly personality of an escort implies that she has feelings for him is barking up the wrong tree. Heartache awaits those who seek true love in the arms of a working girl.