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In an article in the Guardian on 6 July Roy Greenslade argues that no link has been shown to exist between the advertising, by newspapers of personal services and human trafficking. He questions the statistics of both the opponents of prostitution and those who believe that it can, under certain circumstances constitute a free choice by individuals. For the article see


I often wonder what causes women to enter the world of sex work. I’d read that many individuals engaged in prostitution had been abused as children but had not come face-to-face with a lady who admitted to having been abused, that is until I met Anna.
Anna was (and is) a slim 32-year-old lady who advertises her services, as an independent escort on the internet. I had seen Anna more times than I can remember but had never engaged in in depth conversation with her until one sultry and rainy summer’s evening. I’d texted her to ask whether she could see me for two hours and received a prompt response informing me that she would cancel another client and see me instead. At the time I thought “his loss is my gain” and thought no more about the matter until Anna arrived. Perhaps I should have remembered the old saying “curiosity killed the cat” and minded my own business, however being in an enquiring frame of mind I asked Anna why she had cancelled a booking in order to see me. She replied that the guy who would not be having the pleasure of her company had wanted her to pretend to be his daughter and on being informed that Anna had, in fact been abused by her uncle became even keener to  meet with her. Not surprisingly Anna didn’t feel comfortable and declined the booking.
Anna said that the abuse haden’t entailed full sex, however I got the strong impression that something very unpleasant had occured which had scarred this young lady’s life. What can one say in such a situation? Words are wholly inadequate and all I could do was to tell Anna how sorry I was for what had happened to her as a young child. Sadly there continue to be children throughout the world who are physically and mentally abused every second of every day. New Annas are in the making as I write this.

The world of escorting is filled with dishonesty. That is not to say that most escorts are dishonest, rather the very nature of the industry tends to foster dishonesty.
Let us start with the milder forms of being economical with the truth. As anyone who has visited the website of an Escort Agency will know the company lists the age of the escorts on offer thereby allowing a gentleman in search of a slim 19-year-old blonde to quickly select his companion. However that 19-year-old blonde will, very likely turn out to be a 23-24 year-old who happens to look as though she is 19-years-old. I remember choosing a young lady who’s profile described her as being 22 years of age. Following her arrival at my home we began chatting about the world of escorting. I asked her how old she was and was informed that she was 24 (not 22) years of age. It is a common practice for agencies to reduce the age of their escorts due to the belief (almost certainly correct) that clients prefer younger women. I don’t blame the escorts for this lack of honesty (most of them will freely admit their true age) but I do question the ethics of those agencies who lie about the age of the escorts on offer.
A trick employed by some escorts is to leave early. On numerous occasions I have agreed to pay an escort for one hour’s companionship/rendering of personal services, only for her to leave after 20-30 minutes. On challenging one working girl who began dressing after some 20 minutes      as to why she was leaving early she responded “You know the score”. I thought “indeed I do, I pay you for one hour and you f off after 20 minutes. You are a rip-off merchant. In such a situation there is nothing a client can do other than to leave a negative review on a website which carries punter reviews, report the matter to the agency and tick the lady in question off his list of escorts to see again.
Whenever an escort visits I ensure that only the money with which I’ll be paying her is visible. My wallett, credit cards etc are hidden away. In my experience most girls won’t steal due to it being against their moral code and due to the knowledge that the client will report the theft to the police, however I prefer to take no chances and my valuables will continue to remain hidden.
During my years of seeing working girls I’ve only ever come across one case of financial dishonesty. One agency which I used to use on a regular basis (they went out of business) accepted cheques with a cheque guarantee card. The cheque had been written for £100 but, on checking my account balance using telephone banking I discovered that the amount had been altered to read £180. Fortunately I was in time to cancel the transaction and the bank waived their usual cancelation fee. I have ever since been wary of paying by any means other than cold hard cash.
In fairness I must point out that escort girls are themselves vunnerable to theft. I know of ladies who have had money removed from bags while visiting the bathroom and of others, who have accepted a cheque only for the cheque to bounce.
At a fundamental level clients can lie to themselves regarding the relationships they have with working girls. It is easy for a customer to mistake (or fool himself) that the kindness and open personality of an escort implies that she is (or could in time) fall in love with him). I’ve no doubt that a client-escort relationship can turn into love, however this is very much the exception rather than the rule and those who deceive themselves into believing that the friendly personality of an escort implies that she has feelings for him is barking up the wrong tree. Heartache awaits those who seek true love in the arms of a working girl.

I have often heard it said that “prostitutes don’t kiss”. This is a myth. While many working girls will not allow French Kissing (kissing with tongues) other sex workers specifically state on their profiles that French Kissing is availible albeit at the discretion of the escort.
I’ve heard it said that the reason why many ladies of the night will not kiss is due to kissing being a very intimate act which they reserve for their boyfriends/husbands. I must confess that I’ve never quite understood this point of view. To my mind to allow a stranger to penetrate you implies great intimacy perhaps greater than allowing a client to put his tongue into your mouth. Another reason that is sometimes advanced for escorts not kissing their clients is down to concern regarding the contracting of a sexually transmitted disease. However unless one of the parties involved in this intimate act have an ulcer or other sore in their mouth the risk of being infected is extremely low.
I enjoy kissing as it makes the encounter with an escort feel less cold and clinical. It also enhances my sexual excitement and (I’m sure) that of other users of sex workers. I always respect the wish of an escort not to kiss but I have always attempted to seek out girls who are prepared (I don’t think that “happy” is the right word) to kiss.

I clearly recall the first time that I used an escort. I was living in a bedsit (a single area with bed, cooking facilities and a desk) with a separate bathroom. The place was in a rough area and could only be entered by means of a key, buzzing one of the residents or by pressing the bell of the manager of the facility.
I’d recently broken up with my first long-term girlfriend and was feeling horney and lonely. I had heard of escorts (who hasn’t)? and hoped by using one I could kill the lonleness and obtain a sexual release. AS a naive young man I also had vague visions of an encounter with an escort leading to a long-term relationship (I now realise that liaisons with working girls do lead to a relationship – with an ATM machine)!
At that time I had no access to the internet. I did, however have my own landline so was able to contact Directory Enquiries to obtain the number of an Escort Agency. I didn’t have the name of a specific company, however, amazingly when I asked the operator for the contact details of escort agencies they where able to provide me with a number which I duly called and ordered an escort.
As I waited for the lady to arrive excitement mingled with a myriad thoughts filled my being. What if my fellow residents and, in particular the manager discovered that my visitor was an escort? I felt that I’d die of shame and embarrassment. Eventually my entry phone rang. I picked up and a voice said “its Malicia”. I went downstairs to greet my “friend”.
At that time I was in my mid twenties while my companion claimed to be in her mid thirties. I suspect however that Malicia  was being a little economical with the truth and that she was nearer to fourty.
In my room we both undressed and Malicia started to massage me. The sex, when it happened was fast and furious. Malicia felt dry inside and perhaps it was this which made me climax so quickly. I don’t remember whether a condom was used (being young and naive I didn’t think about such matters) but I think, on balance that no protection was employed.
The whole encounter can not have taken more than about twenty minutes and having satisfied me Malicia left. After that first encounter I didn’t use the services of an escort for some time afterwards. My main concern was that of privacy (what would happen if my fellow residents or the manager found out) but not wishing to part with a further £180 was also a factor.

The Beatles fsang (money can buy you anything but money can’t buy you love”, however according to an article in one of the UK’s leading national newspapers this is not correct. The piece details the rise of sugar dating in the United Kingdom. Sugar Dating is where a wealthy man (Sugar Daddy) provides a young woman with money and gifts in order to be his girlfriend. The ladies entering into such arrangements are known as “Sugar Babies” and the Daily Mail reports that many of them are students wishing to pay their way through university.
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I met Louise (not her real name) through one of the UK’s larger escort agencies. She had nicely proportioned breasts (not to big and not to small, just how I like them), with blue eyes and blonde hair. She had a strong Brazilian accent but her English was good.
I liked Louise because of her sweet personality. One time I haden’t managed to climax. I didn’t tell Louise this until she asked me directly. Having become aware that I haden’t come she began to kiss my neck very softly and gently which soon made me achieve my goal. The cynic or realist depending on one’s point of view might well conclude that Louise wished to make me orgasm so that I’d aske to see her again which would mean more money. I guess that this was part of the reason for Louise kissing me so erotically, however this is not, I think the whole truth. Louise could with her looks have (and did) attract many clients so me not asking for her again would have been neither here nor there. She acted as she did because she wanted to make me happy, she derived a genuine pleasure from having done so.
I liked Louise and I believe that she also liked me. I don’t flatter myself that we were friends (such a relationship rarely develops between client and escort). We did though develop a feeling of mutual respect and I recall Louise once starting to cry after I’d expressed my gratitude for her help in resolving a problem with my computer (not within the job description of your average escort I think)! Louise was I suspect moved by my gratitude which somehow made her become emotional.
Louise as with so many sex workers (perhaps the majority) had an inner sadness which she kept hidden behind her bright exterior. Perhaps the incident with the computer moved her so profoundly as someone was treating her as more than a mere vehicle for their pleasure.
I don’t know what happend to Louise but wherever she is I wish her the very best of luck. I hope you are happy in your life my former intimate companion.