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The sound of humanity soon receeds, I hear the birds singing in the trees. Their song so beautiful my heart will break, come morn or evening their song they make. So sad and poignant it fills my heart, bird’s music surpasses mere human art. Man shuts his ears to nature’s power, in texting and inanity we waste many an hour. Obsession with technology leaves us bereft, all this facebooking can not stave off death. We cower from nature frightened and small, technology has caught us in it’s thrall.


Feeling detached, all this will pass. Objects move past, nothing will last. We think we will last but all things must pass.
I don’t know what is real, nor what I feel. The emptiness deep in my breast I can not express. Does anything truly matter, beyond this surface noise and clatter? My melancholy too will pass, nothing can last.