The pleasure of orgasm makes one forget the world for a moment, you become wrapped up in the intensity of the experience. Nothing else matters. You have entered another higher realm in which the world and it’s concerns drop away.
At it’s very best sex with prostitutes makes me feel like that. I’m transported to somewhere beautiful with no connection to this world. However having achieved my goal I’m left with the mundane task of picking up condoms from the carpet where they have been thrown or fallen and finding the wrappers in which my little friends came ensuring that they are consigned to the bin. Indeed the moment of bliss is all to brief and reality soon has me in his grip once more.
Sometimes after having had an encounter with a working girl I feel the need to walk. The scent of new cut grass combined with the smell of summer flowers forms a heady cocktail. The scents of summer and the singing of the birds are an orgasm of sorts, however their intensity is somehow more real than the excitement which I experience during sex with prostitutes.